“Not everyone can sell…but everyone can tell a story…and Heartfelt Network Marketing is a storytelling business” -Shauna Ekstrom

Beyond The Red Doors Book Cover

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The Dawn of "Heartfelt" Network Marketing
by Shauna Ekstrom


Nicki & Grace Keohohou

There is something magnificently special about Shauna. My children speak kindly and often of her. We as a family miss her so much and look forward to visiting again soon. These are just a few words that express our love for her. 🙂 "Shauna is a beautiful, passionate, and empowering woman. Her presence stays in the mind and lingers in the heart. To know her is to love her.

Nickie and Grace Keohohou Co-Founders, Direct Selling World Alliance

Stan Barker

It has been amazing to see Shauna grow into the Beautiful and amazing person that she has become. She dug herself out of a very bad situation and began believing in herself and saw the need in other people and has been on a crusade to help them. Zig says, "you can have anything in life you want, IF you just help enough other people get what they want". The evidence is in, she has accomplished that and continues to do just that.

Tom Ziglar

Shauna Ekstrom has developed “Heartfelt Network Marketing” which is, in my opinion, a unique business concept, one that could and probably should be adapted to most business efforts. In Beyond the Red Doors, Shauna explains both the concept and the application, all the time encouraging the incorporation of the principles into virtually any industry.

Tom Ziglar
Proud Son of Zig Ziglar
CEO- Ziglar Corporation

Richard Bliss Brooke

Shauna Ekstrom's story is one of the most courageous and inspirational adventures of our profession. And from all of her challenges and triumps has come true Mastery. Mastery of believing in others even when they don't see or believe in themselves. And Mastery of leading and coaching them along their own path to greatness. I love this story. I love this book.

Richard Bliss Brooke
Owner, BlissBusiness.com
Author Mach II and The Four Year Career

"We met Shauna back in 1999 at the Red Door hair salon. My husband, Dan and I were instantly attracted to her soft spoken kindness and gentle spirit. What struck us with Shauna was she came across as a real, living, breathing female version of E.F. Hutton. She was a hair dresser in a quaint little farming and logging community of the NW and when she spoke, WE LISTENED. It was compelling. Never pushy or domineering, but always with a quiet voice and a soft suggestion, this sweet woman hypnotized us with her story and before we knew what happened we enrolled 80+ people in her business in about 3 weeks. Shauna will do whatever it takes to get it done and again in such a sweet easy way. She is a survivor and is always positive. What an amazingly positive attitude she keeps even when something seems impossible. She has the warmest and most fun heart of anyone we know and she can be silly, fun and amazingly successful all at the same time. We are so grateful to have Shauna as a friend!

Shelley & Dan Morgado

Shauna Ekstrom has a huge heart and a passion for the Direct Selling profession. She's helped build an organization on the foundation of patience, seeing other people's strengths and encouraging them to live into their dreams. She dreamed BIG. Through perseverance, love and caring she worked her way into living the dream. Today her inspiring story serves as validation of what's possible. Let Shauna's story inspire you!"

Art Jonak, MastermindEvent.com Founder and World Class Networker

Art Jonak

I'm a passionate believer in true relationship marketing - it's about focusing on connecting authentically from the heart, coming from a place of true service, adding value, and genuinely caring about the success of the people in your network. Shauna Ekstrom certainly embodies all this and more; she's a masterful relationship builder. It's a joy to see her sharing her journey and secrets of success in her new book!

Mari Smith
Social Media Thought Leader
Top Facebook Marketing Expert

Mari Smith