Successful MLM Leader Shauna Ekstrom Announces

The Launch of New Website


Shauna Ekstrom, a rural salon owner become successful business leader, has launched a new website to promote here new book “Beyond The Red Doors”.

Shauna Ekstrom, a successful entrepreneur in network marketing, recently announced the launch of her new website, To commemorate the launch of her website, Ekstrom is offering 100 limited-edition signed copies of her new novel, “Beyond The Red Doors,” which details her beginnings as the owner of a rural hair salon to her later success as a network marketing entrepreneur.

Case Study on Becoming a Millionaire


Heartfelt Network Marketing does a case study on Shauna Ekstrom’s catapult from a high school dropout to a millionairess, entrepreneurial business woman who inspires others to believe that they can create a life of FREEDOM.

Heartfelt Network Marketing revealed their new case study today on becoming a successful network marketing professional. This case study demonstrates that through education, having an open mind and a legitimate business model can lead to endless possibilities being made avaialable when limiting beliefs are removed.

Click here to see the case study.

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