Successful MLM Leader Shauna Ekstrom Announces

Success Story


Shauna’s real life story is about a young hair stylist and salon owner, who realized that working harder and longer would not secure her personal or financial freedom.

When she finally embraced network marketing and found the right company, Isagenix, she knew she could do this! She knew this was the key to the freedom she wanted for herself, her family and all those she shared it with.

The Four Year CAREER


Leapfrog” your way to success. As a former hairdresser, Shauna Ekstrom had been prospected a million times and began to think of networkers as “weird.”

But when a good friend approached her with an opportunity, she trusted her enough to just take a look … and soon, began to build her Isagenix business.

Momentum really took off when she met and fell in love with Dr. Scott Peterson, who considered himself a “glorified laborer” who was tied down to his dental practice.

The Launch of New Website


Shauna Ekstrom, a rural salon owner become successful business leader, has launched a new website to promote here new book “Beyond The Red Doors”.

Shauna Ekstrom, a successful entrepreneur in network marketing, recently announced the launch of her new website, To commemorate the launch of her website, Ekstrom is offering 100 limited-edition signed copies of her new novel, “Beyond The Red Doors,” which details her beginnings as the owner of a rural hair salon to her later success as a network marketing entrepreneur.

Case Study on Becoming a Millionaire


Heartfelt Network Marketing does a case study on Shauna Ekstrom’s catapult from a high school dropout to a millionairess, entrepreneurial business woman who inspires others to believe that they can create a life of FREEDOM.

Heartfelt Network Marketing revealed their new case study today on becoming a successful network marketing professional. This case study demonstrates that through education, having an open mind and a legitimate business model can lead to endless possibilities being made avaialable when limiting beliefs are removed.

Click here to see the case study.

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